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How AI Can Empower Defenders, Enhance Cybersecurity

(This post, “How AI Can Empower Defenders, Enhance Cybersecurity,” is an Anna Delaney interview featuring BlackBerry Cybersecurity President John Giamatteo, originally published in the July 14, 2023 edition of infoRiskToday. Excerpted with permission – access the interview video and related content here).

Generative AI is growing rapidly as organizations seek ways to transform human tasks. With the ability to process and analyze large volumes of data in real time, AI (artificial intelligence) can empower defenders to detect and respond to threats more effectively.

AI technology can tap into vast amounts of data and use advanced algorithms to analyze and identify patterns that may indicate potential threats. It can also provide calculated recommendations for mitigating risks and optimizing security measures.

BlackBerry has embraced a comprehensive approach that combines real-time threat intelligence, global endpoint data, and advanced AI algorithms. This enables defenders to continuously learn from the ever-evolving threat landscape and enhance their ability to protect against sophisticated adversaries.

We protect tens of millions of endpoints, which we feed to a cloud-based global threat intelligence - which in turn is constantly learning and gaining a global perspective.

In this interview with Information Security Media Group at Infosecurity Europe 2023, we also discussed:

  • The impact of generative AI on the threat landscape
  • The need for increased caution in using generative AI
  • BlackBerry's business transformation and the way forward
Read the infoRiskToday article and watch the video interview here.

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John J. Giamatteo

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John J. Giamatteo is Chief Executive Officer, BlackBerry.