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Love and Espionage at Black Hat 2023

At this week’s Black Hat conference in Las Vegas, BlackBerry’s team of researchers and threat hunters are sharing new insights on how modern organizations are using CTI (cyber threat intelligence) and artificial intelligence to defend themselves, and this year — intriguing tales of “love and espionage.”

The captivating storyline, “Love and Espionage: Unraveling the RomCom RAT and APT29 in the Ukraine Conflict,” will be presented by BlackBerry’s renowned threat experts, exposing new research into geopolitical threats by malicious actors like RomCom RAT, and the Russian state-sponsored threat group APT29.

In addition, the BlackBerry team will be conducting product demos exhibiting the remarkable capabilities of BlackBerry’s Cylance® AI engine at booth #1232. The BlackBerry threat research and intelligence team will also be on hand to discuss their newly published Global Threat Intelligence Report. To get ahead of the crowd, pre-schedule a one-on-one meeting with BlackBerry experts.

Live BlackBerry Sessions at Black Hat

Also set a reminder for the following live presentations and discussions by BlackBerry experts:

Love and Espionage: Unraveling the RomCom RAT and APT29 in the Ukraine Conflict

Date: Thursday, Aug. 10, 2023

Time: 10:20 a.m. PT (In-Person)

While investigating the lead-up to the Ukraine war, researchers uncovered a Russian-backed cyber espionage campaign preceding a series of operations and weapon deployments against Ukraine. Notably, the RomCom RAT plays a significant role by exploiting diverse entry methods to compromise Ukrainian military and government entities. Join BlackBerry Research and Intelligence Team members as they recount their pursuit of the threat actor amid changing network infrastructure, and unveil the inner workings of the RomCom RAT within the Ukraine theater of operations. Researchers will also cover the role of APT29 in providing diplomatic signals inside the war in Ukraine.

Cyber Threat Intelligence and Cyber Resilience

Dates: Aug. 9–16, 2023 (On demand)

Time: On-demand for conference attendees

The path to cyber resilience can feel overwhelming when the threat landscape is constantly evolving. Keeping pace with threat actors is also tricky when we cannot guess their motivations and their goals and tools are in constant motion. How can cyber practitioners keep up?

In this session, you’ll learn:

  • What it means to be “cyber resilient”
  • How modern organizations are using CTI (cyber threat intelligence)
  • How BlackBerry cyber insights help you stay ahead of threat actors

Live Interviews with BlackBerry Executives

Hear from BlackBerry’s thought leaders on a range of topics that affect your organization’s most critical security needs — today and tomorrow — in a series of conversations at the BlackBerry booth.

In these candid discussions, you’ll learn how to mitigate and remediate supply chain security risks, why cybersecurity and sustainability are inexorably linked, and more. Follow BlackBerry on Twitter to find out when a live interview is about to start.

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