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BlackBerry Summit 2023, Agenda Unveiled

BlackBerry has unveiled the agenda for its biggest event of the year, BlackBerry Summit, which will reunite the global BlackBerry community — live and in-person — on Oct. 17, 2023, in New York. The new and expanded event centers on the critical role of “trust” to unlock the potential of the digital world.

Agenda Details

Last week we announced the agenda for the breakout sessions, covering all the topics that are most important to leaders in the IoT, IT, and Cybersecurity. Here is a sneak peek:

  • Enterprise-Grade AI Is Here 
    The business value of artificial intelligence is clear — the security implications for organizations are not. This session will provide you with a guide to today’s enterprise-grade AI and evolving generative AI capabilities, from the pioneer of AI cybersecurity. 
  • The “Godfather” of UEM
    Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) software has become essential to every organization, to enable secure remote access to corporate networks and data from endpoints of every description. Find out from the pioneer of UEM – BlackBerry – how UEM can deliver both security and a frictionless user experience, without compromise.
  • Introducing Trust in IoT Embedded Systems 
    Trust is the building block for creating an enterprise-grade IoT ecosystem. This session will showcase technology that empowers developers to create embedded systems that combine security, scale, privacy, and performance. 

  • Zero Trust: Beyond the Buzzword 
    Zero trust “hype” has excited thousands of marketing teams around the world. Go beyond the buzzwords to uncover legitimate zero trust security architecture that can elevate your approach to identity authentication and perimeter-less network security. 

  • Convergence of IT, OT, and IoT 
    For the digital world to realize its potential as an interconnected ecosystem, the convergence of cybersecurity, the IoT, and OT (operational technology) is critical. Discover what this conjunction of technologies means for you, and why McKinsey & Co. named BlackBerry as one of the few companies that can effectively “marry” IT cybersecurity with the Internet of Things and operational platforms. 

For the full list of breakout sessions visit Stay tuned as we unveil the agenda for the Morning and Afternoon Plenary sessions soon, including Keynotes, Panels, Fireside Chats, and can’t-miss speakers from around the world.

A Personal Note

BlackBerry Chief Elite Customer Success Officer, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Sustainability, Neelam Sandhu, added a personal note with the agenda unveil.

"BlackBerry Summit promises to deliver on your ask of us to connect more with BlackBerry, for innovations and partnerships that infuse trust into your digital transformation journeys.  The event will also reveal the macro trends to consider as you shape your business strategies. We are thrilled to unveil an agenda that will transform the IT and IoT ecosystems and enable our customers to confidently unlock business value in the digital world. From AI and GenAI, to edge intelligence, cybersecurity, and more, BlackBerry Summit will deliver a can’t-miss experience.”

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