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Introducing BlackBerry Fact Check

BlackBerry is one of the most watched and talked about companies on the planet. That is bound to happen when a brand introduces innovation that changes lives as BlackBerry continuously has. The extent of our innovation — across security and connectivity solutions for the IoT and IT — is legendary and, together with the values that always guide our operations, instills a sense of trust in the hearts of our customers and partners.

There is of course a flipside to that level of interest and attention. It makes us a target, particularly with competitors telling falsehoods to make a name for themselves or hoping to elevate people’s opinions of their products by spreading fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) about us. But the hard-won trust that one brand has earned is not so easily transferred to another. This is especially true in BlackBerry’s case, because in the trust equation, facts matter.

Facts vs. FUD

That is why we are launching BlackBerry Fact Check. The new initiative is dedicated to calling out and correcting untrue or misleading information about BlackBerry that could adversely affect our customers. Because there is no trust without truth, and while everyone is entitled to their own opinion, they are not entitled to their own facts.

We put this approach into action recently, in our response to public comments made by a competitor attempting to spread FUD about BlackBerry. Our customers also rushed to defend the facts:

“We trust BlackBerry, for the quality of their products and the customer experience they provide. Kurtz was misguided in saying customers are concerned. We are not concerned, and plan to continue our growth with BlackBerry as a trusted partner in our business success.”

— Melvin Foong, Chief Information Officer at GDEX Berhad

Positively Competitive

Needless to say, BlackBerry Fact Check is not about “fighting” competitors. It’s about fighting falsehoods with facts, and setting the record straight so our customers can make well-informed choices. We recognize the value of strong competition and welcome it: It fosters technological advancement and promotes market stability, to ultimately benefit customers. We see no need to denigrate our competitors. 

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If you suspect that FUD is being spread about BlackBerry, please contact us at so we can set the record straight.

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Neelam Sandhu

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Neelam Sandhu was previously Chief Elite Customer Success Officer and Chief Marketing Officer, at BlackBerry.