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2024 Software-Defined Vehicle Innovator Awards: Nominations Now Open!

AUTOMOTIVE / 09.26.23 / Edward Loh
(This post, "2024 Software-Defined Vehicle Innovator Awards: Nominations Now Open!" written by MotorTrend Group Head of Editorial Edward Loh, was originally published in the Sept. 7, 2023 edition of MotorTrend. Excerpted with permission – access the article and relevant topics here).

MotorTrend targets the Pioneers, Leaders, and Experts transforming the car via software.

There's a lot of talk about how EVs are taking over, but a much larger transformation is already underway in the automotive industry, regardless of powertrain. Software is rapidly taking over every part of the car, with code now critical to how every major vehicle system talks to each other and how the vehicle as a whole, navigates, communicates, and interacts with the outside world.

The automotive industry is rapidly moving from electro-mechanical to digital, from hardware-centered to software-defined, and the struggle is real — the car is being digitally disrupted. Who is doing the disrupting? The pioneers, leaders, and experts we want to highlight with our second annual Software-Defined Vehicle (SDV) Innovator Awards.

MotorTrend's 2024 SDV Innovator Awards

MotorTrend's SDV Innovator Awards recognize the outstanding individuals who have made significant contributions to the automotive industry through software applications, products, implementation, and services. Winners will be selected in the following three categories:

  • Pioneer: This outstanding individual has demonstrably broken new ground within the SDV space through research, development, and application of new automotive software.
  • Leader: This outstanding individual holds a senior management position and leads a team that is transforming the automotive industry through the broad adoption and application of software solutions.
  • Expert: This outstanding individual is a subject matter expert within a specific SDV domain or discipline (e.g. advanced driver assistance systems, digital cockpit, over-the-air updates, etc.) whose work has advanced the field. In addition to demonstrating excellence as a pioneer, leader, or domain expert, each individual should be of the highest character and contribute to positive change within the industry.

Who Is Eligible For This Award?

Anyone who has worked in the automotive tech industry, whether for an OEM, a Tier 1, software or hardware supplier, government organization, industry body, or related field. All that needs to be done to enter an individual is to fill out the nomination form linked here by Friday, October 6, 2023.

After the nomination forms are received, a panel of judges composed of MotorTrend editors and SDV experts will meet to review the nominations and select a shortlist of potential winners. This shortlist will be announced ahead of the Los Angeles Auto Show in November of 2023. Winners will be announced at a MotorTrend awards gala in partnership with BlackBerry at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and online via MotorTrend's site and social media platforms, including LinkedIn. To get a taste of our amazing inaugural gala and award winners, check out the photo gallery.

Nominate An SDV Game-Changer

Know an expert coder, fearless leader, or hard-charging pioneer in the SDV space? Or are you one yourself? Now is the time to shine. Don't hesitate to submit an entry by October 6, 2023. Any questions? Email us at Good luck.

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