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BlackBerry IVY Updates from CES 2024: Demo the Connected Vehicle Data Platform for Yourself

After announcing the general availability (GA) of BlackBerry IVY® during mid-2023, I would like to share a significant update about BlackBerry's cloud-connected automotive AI platform for 2024, including some fantastic demonstrations of IVY's power that are planned for the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas during January.

BlackBerry IVY Development and Growth

For the past three years, BlackBerry and AWS (Amazon Web Services) have worked relentlessly to co-develop this game-changing new platform, which accelerates automakers' software-defined vehicle (SDV) development, reduces their R&D complexities, and helps them achieve faster time-to-market for introducing exciting new experiences and services.

Now, I'm excited to announce this work is yielding powerful results: the BlackBerry IVY® ecosystem is growing rapidly, and it embraces an impressive range of applications set to change the mobility business — and the in-car experience — by harnessing the power of connected vehicle data in new and groundbreaking ways.

Our growing roster of ecosystem partners is rapidly innovating on the IVY platform, taking full advantage of its enabling capabilities to develop and scale their solutions quickly and easily.

Demo BlackBerry IVY at CES

At CES 2024 in Las Vegas, BlackBerry will showcase the breadth and power of BlackBerry IVY through a wide range of in-vehicle and virtualized demos, and we invite you to join in.

IVY-powered in-vehicle demonstrations at CES include:

  • Michelin's tire wear monitoring solution with real-time integration to its consumer retail network
  • COMPREDICT hardware sensor replacement solutions, utilizing virtual sensors to create cost savings and monetize vehicle health insights
  • Intelligent in-cabin experiences powered by Cinemo, CorrActions, CarIQ, idrive, and emotion3D
  • Next-generation insurance solutions, such as First Notification of Loss, and Collision Reconstruction, powered by Nexar, and driver scoring by CerebrumX
  • Intelligent vehicle cybersecurity insights powered by Upstream Security

Additional partners will showcase how BlackBerry IVY powers next-generation digital cockpits and intelligent fleet management services. Demonstrations include:

Why is the BlackBerry IVY ecosystem expanding so rapidly? The platform enables developers across industries to design and deploy insights-enabled automotive services more quickly, leveraging in-vehicle, AI-enabled processing, and a developer-friendly platform.

This ease of development has led to a growing diversity of solutions developed on BlackBerry IVY, giving automakers new opportunities to quickly enable additional services to differentiate — and potentially monetize new services in — their connected car offerings.

For more information on how BlackBerry IVY can help with building safe and secure data solutions for the software-defined vehicles of tomorrow, and to experience a BlackBerry IVY- and QNX-powered vehicle in action, please visit us at CES 2024 in Las Vegas, Jan. 9-12. You can find the BlackBerry IVY team in the West Hall at Booth #4224, or connect with us via

Live demos of other BlackBerry IVY-powered applications will also be showcased in the West Hall at CES by our partners Mitsubishi Electric (#3541), MIH (#7216), and Intellias (#7075).

This is an exciting time for BlackBerry IVY and our growing ecosystem of partners from around the globe. We look forward to sharing our progress with you, and discussing how IVY can help accelerate your path to success in the global SDV marketplace.

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Vito Giallorenzo

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Vito Giallorenzo is Senior Vice President and General Manager of BlackBerry IVY.