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Forrester Study Reveals 7 Key Economic Advantages of CylanceGUARD

It’s cybersecurity’s new sweet spot: a managed service that both the CISO and the CFO can agree on. Recent research indicates CylanceGUARD®, the BlackBerry® MDR (managed detection and response) service operates within this nexus. 

Results of a recent Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study commissioned by Blackberry calculated return on investment (ROI) for BlackBerry customers and revealed that CylanceGUARD delivered a significant bottom-line impact for SOC (security operations center) teams – an impressive 293% ROI.

Let’s explore the key benefits of MDR, and the CylanceGUARD advantages uncovered by Forrester.

Most Organizations Need MDR

Forrester indicates that to be defensible, most organizations need an MDR service to augment and complement internal security resources. MDR providers act as an extension of internal security teams.

MDR services offer a range of benefits, from eliminating breaches and associated costs, to lowering security start-up expenses, providing 24x7x365 protection, increasing visibility of attack surfaces, and strengthening customer and partner trust.

7 Key Benefits of CylanceGUARD

The Forrester Consulting TEI study interviewed current CylanceGUARD customers and modeled a composite organization based on that group. The composite organization is a B2B business with 3,000 employees and a revenue of over $100 million per year. The research revealed seven key benefits: 

  1. CylanceGUARD reduced the need for internal security operations by 90%. This significant reduction resulted from the BlackBerry MDR service’s ability to protect all endpoints and provide threat detection earlier in the attack chain, compared to legacy AV (antivirus) solutions. 
  2. CylanceGUARD helped protect new assets 90% faster. To illustrate, Forrester found the composite organization would spend up to 10 months fine-tuning a legacy MDR to protect large assets – whereas, with CylanceGUARD, they protected these assets in under one month. This resulted in a benefit of $410,000.
  3. CylanceGUARD created the ability to reallocate personnel by sunsetting legacy solutions. Forrester interviewed the head of security at a financial institution who shared, “Before CylanceGUARD, we didn’t have time to focus on real cyber risk. With CylanceGUARD, we now have the time to do threat hunting and fine-tune our policies regularly.
  4. CylanceGUARD helped avert regulatory and institutional fines. “Some interviewees indicated that by using CylanceGUARD, they caught incidents involving payment data that would have fallen under payment card industry (PCI) regulations,” the study revealed.
  5. The use of CylanceGUARD decreased the need to hire internal security staff. The composite organization was able to significantly reduce hiring and onboarding costs for cybersecurity and security operations, as well as IT headcount. 
  6. The composite organization experienced significant ROI based on licensing and MDR costs. The representative interviews and financial analysis found using CylanceGUARD at the 24x7x365 level over three years required an investment of $738,000, leading to savings of $2.90M versus the cost of running an in-house SOC at that level.
  7. Onboarding and training costs were reduced as a result of the CylanceGUARD team becoming an extension of the organization’s internal team.

In addition to these key findings, Forrester sums up the results of the study in this way: 
“Prior to using CylanceGUARD, these interviewees noted that they had leaned heavily upon their internal resources, which were overburdened. This left their security teams with a continuous amount of security events to identify and remediate, leaving them with little time to stay ahead of perpetrators. It was a constant battle to combat bad actors, with little room to address large-scale breaches. 

“After the investment in CylanceGUARD, the interviewees were able to address the majority of incidents so that their internal teams could concentrate on threat hunting and improving the security posture of the organization.”

Learn More About Forrester TEI and CylanceGUARD

CylanceGUARD is operated by BlackBerry world-class analysts, who serve as an extension of internal SOC teams. CylanceGUARD subscriptions include the CylanceENDPOINT solution from BlackBerry, built on the company’s pioneering proprietary AI. CylanceGUARD has received several Cybersecurity Excellence Awards and was named a SOC X Champion against 49 other SOC teams dealing with real-world adversary emulation scenarios. 

View the BlackBerry CylanceGUARD ROI infographic
The purpose of the Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study is to provide readers with a framework to evaluate the potential financial impact of CylanceGUARD on their organizations.

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Kirin Sennik is Global Product Marketing Manager, Cybersecurity Solutions at BlackBerry.


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