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BlackBerry Cybersecurity: What to Expect From Award-Winning Customer Support

BlackBerry customers recognized the value we deliver in many ways during 2023, but there are two awards we are most proud of. BlackBerry was the only provider named Gartner® Peer Insights Customers’ Choice Vendor for 2023 in the Unified Endpoint Management Tool category. And in the Endpoint Protection Platform category, BlackBerry was one of just three vendors to earn the Gartner Peer Insights™ honor among large enterprise customers.

In each case, extremely high marks for customer service and support played a part in this recognition. At BlackBerry, our team of Distinguished Support Solutions Owners (often referred to as “DSSOs”) do what their name suggests: They “own” the responsibility of providing exceptional support and resources for every solution and service you receive from us.

Excellence in BlackBerry Customer Support

The DSSO team is a dynamic group of problem-solvers within BlackBerry. They focus on helping your organization achieve the best possible outcomes from BlackBerry solutions and services. Here are some examples of the support you can expect as a BlackBerry customer.

Full-Service Customer Advocacy
Every customer who contacts BlackBerry receives the utmost care and attention. When issues require urgent action and the stakes are at their highest, the DSSOs provide their experience, focus, and “steady hands” to help navigate and defuse high-pressure situations. They are hyper-focused on what customers need and carry these insights throughout BlackBerry to solicit the necessary attention and prioritization.

Self-Service Support That Actually Supports You
The DSSO team understands that knowledge content and self-help resources empower customers to assist themselves, and can save valuable time in the process. The team creates helpful, coherent, and easy-to-find resources, so you can get your job done. To achieve these objectives, the team refuses to settle for “good enough” during the authoring or editing processes, utilizing customer feedback along with data and analytics to improve where needed.

Advocacy for Product Enhancements
BlackBerry customers know they can pitch ideas for new capabilities they’d like to see in BlackBerry products and services. The DSSOs advocate on our customers’ behalf for product enhancements, and they help contextualize key improvements for BlackBerry product teams to execute. At BlackBerry, innovation never stops.

Tooling that Simplifies Support
We often hear about other vendors’ “support tools” that contribute to, rather than solve, implementation issues. To avoid this, we view the tools used by BlackBerry’s support teams (and customers) to be as crucial as the end users who utilize them. The DSSOs create and maintain a variety of apps and utilities that are frequently used by both customers and BlackBerry employees alike. These tools are purpose-built to facilitate data collection, provide log analysis, exercise product features, and much more.

Customer Comments on BlackBerry Support

Nothing means more to our team than delivering exceptional service, especially when our customers share publicly about it. Here are a few shares from the Gartner Peer Insights pages for CylanceENDPOINT™ and BlackBerry® UEM.

“Cylance Professional Services and Customer Support are top notch and some of the best vendor interactions I have experienced."
— Sr. Security Architect, Healthcare and Biotech

“Working with BlackBerry is easy, and their friendly but still professional approach and support is willing to help with any request. Their focus on security and passion is exceptional.”
— Business Development Manager, IT Services

“Strong focus on security, excellent support, and a wide array of offerings. BlackBerry works closely with us to understand our requirements and we have built a strong partnership with them.”
— Specialist, Infrastructure Architecture, Telecommunications

BlackBerry’s Distinguished Support Solutions Owners team is proud of the outcomes we deliver for customers, and we invite you to become one of them. Visit our homepage to see how the company is innovating.

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Brian Bernard

About Brian Bernard

Brian Bernard is a Distinguished Support Solutions Owner at BlackBerry.

The BlackBerry Distinguished Support Solutions Owners Team

About The BlackBerry Distinguished Support Solutions Owners Team

The BlackBerry Distinguished Support Solutions Owners Team focuses on helping to solve BlackBerry’s most impactful customer support problems.