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Mattias Eriksson on Powering Software-Defined Everything: An Insight

Mattias Eriksson, President, BlackBerry IoT, recently sat down with Neil Shah, Vice President, Research, Counterpoint Research, for an enlightening discussion about the transformation of BlackBerry.

Today, BlackBerry QNX is known for its foundational software for B2B edge devices, including advanced computing at the edge for robotics, industrial automation, PLCs, medical devices, and more. Eriksson explains, "The core proposition is performance, safety, security, and reliability for the foundational stack."

The Evolution of Software Defined Everything

When asked about the famous quote from Marc Andreessen, "Software is eating the world," Eriksson offered a nuanced perspective. He believes that while software is indeed dominating, BlackBerry's role is to empower customers who develop software.

"We help others that develop software that eats the world," he stated. BlackBerry provides the essential foundational software, enabling its partners to focus on delivering differentiated consumer experiences.

Navigating the Data Explosion at the Edge

Eriksson also touched upon the growing need for data processing close to the edge, owing to the sheer volume of data modern devices generate. In response to this challenge, BlackBerry developed IVY, a joint R&D project with AWS, which allows OEMs to dynamically deploy machine learning models from cloud to edge.

Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting

Borrowing a phrase from AWS, Eriksson explains how QNX allows customers to spend their resources more effectively. “If you're trying to build an end-to-end solution, don't spend all your valuable software engineers on what everybody else needs, use them higher up in the stack focused on what is differentiating in the consumer experience. And we take care of that,” he explains.

The Future of BlackBerry

Looking ahead, Eriksson sees immense potential for BlackBerry, particularly in the automotive industry. With the gradual shift towards software-defined functionality in vehicles, BlackBerry's expertise in providing foundational software will be increasingly sought after.

In the long term, Eriksson also sees opportunities in other industries like commercial vehicles, medical devices, and high-end industrial automation. "The opportunity for us in other industries is probably bigger than it is in automotive just because of the sheer volume of devices and the complexity of those segments," he concluded.

For anyone interested in embedded software development, this interview is a must-watch. 


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