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German Government Provides Go Ahead for Agencies to Deploy BlackBerry UEM to Manage Apple indigo Devices

CYBERSECURITY / 04.07.24 / Ulf Baltin

I’m pleased to share that BlackBerry® UEM is the first, and currently only, UEM solution that government organizations can begin deploying, enabling implementation of Apple indigo projects to secure government data on employee-owned iOS® devices.

German government and critical industry agencies will use the BlackBerry UEM platform as a foundation for rolling out iOS devices to employees and all with the assurance of the highest levels (Verschlusssache, nur für den Dienstgebrauch, VS-NfD) of security to safeguard data and communications.

BlackBerry UEM is under evaluation by the German Federal Office for Information Security, BSI, to manage Apple® indigo (iOS® native devices in government operations). BlackBerry UEM has achieved many industry certifications and has successfully been evaluated by governments from around the world. Once the evaluation is complete, BlackBerry is excited to add evaluation by the BSI to BlackBerry UEM’s long list of accreditations.

In addition to the current deployment of darksite implementations, BlackBerry now supports the brightsite setup for highly secure environments.

Brightsite vs. Darksite Defined

In MDM circles, the terms brightsite installation and darksite installation are often mentioned, but I’ve found there is some confusion about what each of these terms mean. Here are some simple ways to think about each of them. 

A darksite implementation limits the flexibility of users and quickly drains the battery life of mobile devices. In the dark site setup, devices can only be activated in the internal service network. Due to the "Always On" VPN, which is usually necessary for darksite implementation, battery consumption is significantly increased. This drives up costs for organizations, can frustrate device users, and even hampers productivity.

In contrast, with a brightsite implementation, users can activate their device against the brightsite BlackBerry UEM after in-house IT approval. This can happen regardless of where the user is currently located and without the device having to be in a specially secured network. In the brightsite setup, the VPN tunnel is only used when it is actually needed which leads to longer battery life. The BSI certification-id explicitly allows a brightsite implementation for BlackBerry UEM. 

BlackBerry UEM and Apple indigo for Highly Secure Communications

BlackBerry UEM is a cross-platform endpoint management solution that enables the management of iOS, Android™, Windows®, and macOS® devices.  

Apple indigo is a highly secure mobile solution designed specifically for the needs of the public sector. It enables government agencies and organizations to securely use iPhone® and iPad® devices for mobile work - without compromising the security of sensitive data.

Let’s look at some of the advantages of each solution and how they work together.

Advantages of BlackBerry UEM

  • Ease of use: The BlackBerry UEM web-based console is easy to use and offers an intuitive user interface. This integrates perfectly with Apple Business Manager.

  • Comprehensive Security: BlackBerry UEM offers a variety of security features and policies that make it easier to implement Apple indigo requirements.  

  • Flexibility: BlackBerry UEM supports a variety of deployment options. A brightsite or alternatively a darksite deployment can be easily implemented with BlackBerry UEM.

  • Scalability: BlackBerry UEM can be customized to meet the needs of small businesses and government agencies through to large organizations.

Additional Features of BlackBerry UEM

  • Device enrollment and onboarding: BlackBerry UEM simplifies the device enrollment and onboarding process for new employees by integrating with the existing Active Directory or LDAP directory and leveraging Apple Automated Device Enrollment.

  • App management: BlackBerry UEM allows you to distribute apps, configure app permissions, and remove apps. Approved apps can be easily distributed to users through integration with Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP).  

  • Reporting and analytics: BlackBerry UEM provides comprehensive reporting and analytics that can help IT administrators understand endpoint usage and improve security.

Advantages of Apple indigo

  • High security: Apple indigo is based on Apple iOS and iPadOS® devices and their security features and controls. These include hardware-based encryption, secure authentication, and remote wipe.

  • Ease of use: Apple indigo stands out for its ease of use and management. The intuitive interface of Apple devices makes it easy for your users to be productive. Managing the BlackBerry UEM is quick and easy to learn via the web-based interface.

  • Compatibility: Apple indigo is compatible with all current iPhone and iPad models. This allows government agencies and organizations to use their existing equipment.

  • Flexibility: Apple indigo offers a variety of deployment options, allowing government agencies and organizations to tailor the solution to their unique needs. In addition to the option to use Apple indigo in a darksite UEM setup, a brightsite setup is also possible

  • Private use: Apple indigo-compliant devices may also be used privately. With a few exceptions, users can use their usual private apps on the Apple indigo business device.  

Apple indigo is ideal for:

  • Authorities and organizations processing VS-NfD-classified data (classified information - for official use only)

  • Organizations that have comparable security requirements, e.g. critical infrastructure companies

Solutions IT Teams Love to Use

It’s no secret that Apple devices and solutions like Apple indigo are known for being a pleasure to use. And our customers around the world feel the same way about BlackBerry UEM. In fact, BlackBerry is the only vendor placed in the upper right quadrant of Gartner Peer Insights™ 'Voice of the Customer': Unified Endpoint Management Tools report for 2023, which adds peer perspectives to customer reviews about the direct experience of implementing and operating a solution.

We are proud to be the only solution voted as the Customers’ Choice.

In my conversations with organizations, it quickly becomes clear that they need a solution that is easy to use and can ensure the security of government or corporate data while providing the best user experience. BlackBerry UEM is a powerful and flexible endpoint management solution that can help you keep your organization’s data secure while improving employee productivity and reducing IT costs.

Read more about BlackBerry UEM, or ask us to show you why governments and organizations worldwide choose it for securely managing their endpoints.

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