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Cylance Assistant: Next Level Cyber Defense with Generative AI and Contextual Guidance

Cylance pioneered predictive AI in cybersecurity, and now BlackBerry is changing the game again: meet Cylance® Assistant. This context aware generative AI tool will transform SOCs (security operations centers) around the world, starting with yours. 

The capability is built into your current workflows and is so simple that virtually anyone — from junior security analysts to seasoned members of the SOC team — can harness its full power.

Cylance Assistant eliminates significant concerns:

  • Reduces the risk of data leakage via third-party applications  

  • Ends the guesswork around AI prompts

  • Eliminates the need for separate tools with discrete workflows

  • Prevents the productivity disruptions of context switching since there is no need to shift your attention between different apps

This advanced generative AI-powered solution is designed to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of cybersecurity teams so you can counteract sophisticated cyber threats with unprecedented speed and precision. 

First Look: How Cylance Assistant Works

We all know that cybersecurity and IT professionals spend an incredible amount of time investigating alerts. It’s a necessary step that drains time and siphons resources from key projects and initiatives. Now, with Cylance Assistant, you can speed up investigations and get time back in your day. Cylance Assistant helps you stop threats more quickly and it also helps you avoid time consuming escalations that require senior analyst involvement. 

Here is a sequence of how it works:

  • The alert appears on your Cylance dashboard

  • With a click, in the same console, Cylance Assistant explains the significance of the threat, remediation steps, and where further investigation may be necessary

  • There is no need to search for or guess at AI prompts; Cylance Assistant already understands the context of the situation and what you need to know 

Watch the video above as it reveals the ease of using Cylance Assistant. It is context aware and unerstands what you need to know without AI prompts. Plus, it's built into the Cylance console to maximize speed, productivity, and privacy.

Cylance Assistant uses privacy-preserved, responsible AI principles for enhanced privacy and accuracy and doesn't use or share customer data to train models. This approach greatly reduces the risk of data leakage and compliance violations. 

A New Era of Cybersecurity Intelligence

Cylance Assistant emerges to support security professionals as sophisticated threats ramp up, providing SOCs with a powerful generative AI advisor in the face of a rapidly evolving threat landscape. In the March 2024 edition of the BlackBerry Global Threat Intelligence Report, our Threat Research and Intelligence Team noted a 27% increase in novel malware hashes over the prior reporting period and our cybersecurity solutions stopped more than 5.2 million cyberattacks. This innovative tool leverages BlackBerry's pioneering AI capabilities to offer real-time, contextual cyber threat intelligence, allowing security analysts to accelerate operations and make more informed decisions, ultimately stopping more novel threats with less effort.

Predictive and Generative AI: A Harmonious Blend

BlackBerry has been a frontrunner in the AI cybersecurity market thanks to its long-standing development of predictive AI technologies with Cylance® AI. The introduction of Cylance Assistant represents a significant leap forward, combining predictive and generative AI to empower security teams. 

This fusion enables organizations of any size to take complete control of their operations and proactively address the challenges posed by adversarial AI and polymorphic malware. Cylance AI has proven remarkable real-world performance, stopping up to 133% more attacks, up to 13X faster, and with up to 20X fewer resources. Combined with Cylance Assistant, organizations stand to gain demonstrable improvements in analyst throughput, helping businesses of every size achieve improved security outcomes with fewer resources. 

Advantages of Cylance Assistant

Integrating Cylance Assistant into the Cylance console optimizes workflows by delivering expert guidance directly to security analysts without the need to query out-of-band tools. Insights delivered in-line speed up investigations and improve the ability to resolve potential security threats efficiently. Notably, Cylance Assistant transcends the capabilities of other generative AI tools by providing contextual assistance tailored to your investigation. It understands the stage of your inquiry and offers expert guidance at the perfect moment, making your investigation more effective.

Empowering Analysts and Enhancing Operations

Cylance Assistant doesn't just react to user queries; it anticipates needs and provides proactive guidance. Since it is trained on BlackBerry's award-winning cyber threat intelligence, it can reduce the time analysts spend on manual research, compressing hours of research into mere seconds, and enabling a more natural, efficient workflow. We're also excited to announce that Cylance Assistant is included with CylanceENDPOINT™, maximizing cybersecurity budgets, reducing compliance risk,  and simplifying IT and security operations. 

A Commitment to Innovation and Responsible AI

BlackBerry's introduction of the Cylance Assistant reaffirms our commitment to leading the industry through innovation. Our efforts are supported by a robust patent portfolio and a firm commitment to ethical AI development, as demonstrated by our early adoption of Canada's voluntary Code of Conduct on the responsible management of advanced Generative AI systems. We don't use or share customer data to train models. 

Stay Ahead with BlackBerry and Cylance Assistant

With the availability of Cylance Assistant, BlackBerry continues to define the future of cybersecurity. This tool is more than just an advancement in technology—it is a part of our vision to secure a connected future you can trust. 

Learn more about Cylance Assistant here or see Cylance Assistant in person at RSA 2024. Book a specific time to meet with BlackBerry experts or visit the BlackBerry space at Moscone North #5871.

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