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BlackBerry QNX Foundational Software Shines at Embedded World 2024

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Embedded World returned to the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg, Germany, this week for another installment of what is quickly becoming THE global platform for the embedded industry. BlackBerry QNX was at the show exhibiting several game-changing demonstrations alongside exciting announcements for the future of IoT.

More than 240 presentations took place in Nuremberg as industry experts brought their products and innovations to show to visitors this year, with QNX taking center stage in Hall 4 #544.

Here’s everything we showcased at Embedded World 2024.

BlackBerry QNX and AMD Join Forces on Robotics Solutions Platform

BlackBerry QNX and AMD announced a strategic partnership that will revolutionize the robotics industry at the show this year. By combining BlackBerry QNX’s expertise in real-time foundational software solutions with AMD’s ARM architecture-based hardware, the joint solution provides unparalleled real-time performance and determinism, ensuring that critical robotic tasks are executed with precision and determinism.

The advanced capabilities of the QNX microkernel RTOS coupled with the computing power of the AMD KR260 robotics development platform, enable faster data processing, more efficient resource utilization, and reduced latency in robotic applications. With the QNX microkernel architecture, customers can start development on the AMD KR260 and seamlessly scale to other higher-performance AMD platforms as their needs evolve. Read the full press release.

BlackBerry QNX and ETAS Partner on Secure Foundation for SDVs

ETAS, a leading solution provider for the development of automotive software, and BlackBerry QNX, announced they will jointly sell and market software solutions accelerating the development of safety-critical functions for next-generation software-defined vehicles (SDVs). Both companies will provide pre-integrated software leveraging ETAS middleware RTA-VRTE based on AUTOSAR Adaptive, and the QNX® Operating System to provide a high-performance and safe foundation for the development of microprocessor-based vehicle computer/domain controller electronic control units (ECUs). Read the full press release.

QNX in FlexIV Robotics

Also on show at the QNX booth at Embedded World in Nuremberg this year was the FlexIV Rizon 4 robotic arm, featuring QNX OS behind the wheel of the robot motion controller.

FlexIV Rizon's true force control technology utilizes seven torque sensors, one at each joint, enabling human-like performance in AI tasks and smooth, intuitive teleoperation. The Rizon 4 delivers exceptional accuracy and unmatched precision with 10-micron precision assembly for delicate tasks. Gain complete control over FlexIV Rizon with real-time low-level access in both position and torque control for all seven joints at a 1,000 Hz update rate. With 7 degrees-of-freedom, the robot arm provides exceptional dexterity and a wide range of motion, making it suitable for various tasks and ideal for businesses with limited or existing workspace. With simplified programming options (drag-and-drop and the RDK), FlexIV Rizon is easier to set up and use for various applications. FlexIV RDK can also run on QNX for time-critical user applications.

QNX Software Development Platform (SDP) 8.0

The star of CES 2024, QNX SDP 8.0 was on show again at Embedded World. This time showcasing the performance, scalability, and real-time execution of the OS and how it scales linearly across multiple cores through dynamic illustration including real-time events using several executions including mathematical calculations, AI, and ML algorithms. Learn more.

QNX Software in the Cloud

Highlighting how to collaborate and scale with QNX cloud-based development by building, integrating, and testing your virtual replicas that can integrate into your agile processes and infrastructure, QNX® Hypervisor in the Cloud was at Embedded World this year showcasing the future of automotive software development. Learn more.

Digital Cockpit

Based on the latest collaboration between BlackBerry QNX and Google, this Embedded World 2024 demo showed how to consolidate various in-vehicle systems into a unified cockpit domain, utilizing QNX® Hypervisor and VirtIO for running multiple mixed-criticality systems on a single system-on-a-chip design.

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