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BlackBerry Launches CylanceMDR, Expert Driven and AI Powered Managed Detection and Response

I’m excited to announce BlackBerry’s latest innovation in managed detection and response with the launch of a newly expanded solution, CylanceMDR™.

CylanceMDR combines award-winning security experts and industry-leading AI for 24x7 threat protection. We’ve broken the mold on “one size fits all” security services and are introducing three unique packages to meet customers where they are. In fact, one of the offerings, CylanceMDR On-Demand, is tailored exclusively for organizations with established security teams that are seeking in-depth investigation help and assistance with incident response. And we are so confident in the power of CylanceMDR that BlackBerry stands by CylanceMDR Advanced customers with a $1 million guarantee. 

Overcoming Cybersecurity Challenges with CylanceMDR

If your organization is like most, it faces ongoing security challenges. These likely include a lack of skilled talent, AI-equipped adversaries, persistent ransomware and other disruptive attacks, plus a lack of resources. 

Building internal security programs requires considerable time, money, and specialized skills that many organizations lack. A fully managed solution like CylanceMDR helps organizations offload this security burden and gain a force multiplier in their cyber defense.

CylanceMDR rapidly addresses security challenges organizations face: 

  • Most MDR offerings only focus on detection and response. Underpinned by Cylance® AI, an industry leader in predictive AI, CylanceMDR takes a proactive and protect-first approach. In independent testing, Cylance AI threat detection acted up to 13 times faster than competitors, preventing more than 98 percent of attacks before execution.

  • CylanceMDR pairs the power of Cylance AI with BlackBerry’s world-champion SOC (security operations center) team. These analysts have an average tenure of 15 years, win competitions like SOCX and OpenSOC, and can now augment your internal team.

  • CylanceMDR Standard and Advanced include hands-on on-boarding, alert triage, investigation, managed threat hunting, digital forensics, incident response — and a purpose-built crisis communication platform, BlackBerry® AtHoc®.

The new and expanded services of CylanceMDR are available today, at a critical inflection point in the threat landscape. “Given the spiraling cost of a data breach and a growing skills deficit, MDR solutions are gaining popularity as a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for today’s enterprise,” said Craig Robinson, Research Vice President, Security Services at IDC. 

“The right combination of knowledge and expertise with technology can effectively address the pressing time, resource, and cost constraints that heavily impact the effectiveness of any defensive strategy.”

The $1,000,000 Guarantee for CylanceMDR Advanced Customers

With three tailored service packages to choose from, CylanceMDR is flexible to meet the needs of your organization. 

And for eligible CylanceMDR Advanced customers, BlackBerry is offering an unprecedented $1,000,000 guarantee to cover security costs from eligible incidents. That's how certain we are in the ability of CylanceMDR to protect your organization. 

Peace of mind can be rare in cybersecurity, but it looks like you just found it. 

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Nathan Jenniges

About Nathan Jenniges

Nathan Jenniges is Senior Vice President and General Manager, Cybersecurity at BlackBerry.