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Anthony Paimany

About Anthony Paimany

Practice Director, Attack Simulation Services at BlackBerry

As Practice Director, Anthony Paimany is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the Attack Simulation Service and holds management authority over all Attack Simulation Service engagements. As a technical expert, Anthony possesses a deep understanding of threat actor Tactics, Tools, Techniques, and Procedures, and has assisted the Bank of England, CREST, and its partner companies in developing industry accreditation standards.

During his decade-plus-long career, Anthony has held multiple security roles and conducted dozens of consulting assignments for clients in a wide variety of industry sectors. Thanks to this broad experience, Anthony is keenly aware of the challenges organization face in managing their cyber risks and how the Attack Simulation Services can provide clients with maximum impact and business value. Anthony is a Certified CREST Simulated Attack Specialist and Simulated Attack Manager.