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Barnaby Page

About Barnaby Page

Managing Director, Strategic Markets at BlackBerry Cylance

Barnaby Page advises clients on technology solutions that address business and regulatory risk. At BlackBerry Cylance, Barnaby partners with Law and Insurance professionals to deliver targeted consulting and software implementations.

Prior to BlackBerry Cylance, Barnaby assisted companies that experienced data incidents for Fidelis and consulted for the SRI International Computer Science Lab. He co-founded Endeavor Security for malware prevention and Network Flight Recorder for network traffic analysis. Before that, Barnaby worked in the financial services sector for Bloomberg LP, Credit Suisse FB and the Dreyfus Corporation.

Barnaby is a licensed Attorney in South Carolina and a member of the American Bar Association (ABA) Business and Cyberspace Committees.  He received his J.D. Cum Laude from the Charleston School of Law, has a B.A. in Political Science & Journalism from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, and an International Certificate from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Barnaby has completed the MIT Future Commerce course on Blockchain and Identity and enjoys learning about these emerging technologies.