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Garret Grajek

About Garret Grajek

VP of Identity at Cylance

Garret Grajek is a certified Security Engineer with 30 years of experience in information security. Garret started his career as Security Programmer at the likes of Texas Instruments, IBM and Tandem Computers. He went on to do distinguishing field security work for RSA, Netegrity and Cisco, before becoming a Founder and creator of SecureAuth IdP, a 2-Factor/SSO offering. 

Garret is recognized in the industry as a security visionary in identity, access and authentication matters. He holds 9 patents, involving x.509, mobile, SSO, federation and multi-factor technologies. He has worked on security projects for major commercial accounts including Dish Networks, Office Depot, TicketMaster, Oppenheimer, E*Trade, and public-sector accounts such as GSA, U.S. Navy, EPA and USUHS.