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Gary Golomb

About Gary Golomb

Gary Golomb has 18 years experience performing research and solution prototyping with market-leading security technologies. Gary has studied seven substantial evolutions in the threat landscape over the past decade and a half. He has led investigations and containment efforts in numerous breach cases, spanning espionage related attacks, organized crime, hacktivists, and related types of cases.

Gary is a speaker and teacher at many security conferences, including: RSA USA, CanSec, Ekoparty, BlackHat, Thotcon, Y0u sh0t the sheriff, SecureWorld, and many others. Gary Golomb is currently the CTO of Awake Networks, a Greylock incubated network security startup and his fifth company as a cofounder or core team member. His career has been uniquely split between breach investigation services and detection-focused R&D for market-leading technologies.