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Li Li

About Li Li

Staff Data Scientist at Cylance

Li Li is a staff Data Scientist at Cylance. He has worked on various projects at Cylance including centroids, ensemble building, opcodes modeling and Optics. Li got his PhD in Physics in 2016 for "Development of Machine Learning Algorithms in Density Functional Theory," where he used machine learning to improve the speed and accuracy of electronic structure calculations in condensed matter physics, quantum chemistry and material sciences.

Li is also active on Kaggle, the most popular online machine learning competition platform. He has worked on predictive analytics problems from companies including Facebook, Expedia, Airbnb, Home Depot, Allstate, Grupo Bimbo, Instacart, State Farm, TalkingData. The types of these problems including user behavior prediction, search relevance, stochastic optimization, demand forecasting, computer vision and natural language processing. He is in the competition master tier and has reached highest world rank 85th.

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Fifth-Place Solution of Facebook Check-Ins: