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Troutman Sanders

About Troutman Sanders

A Higher Committment to Client Care

At Troutman Sanders, we believe that our value lies in how our highly skilled and integrated team can use its collective knowledge of your organization and of your markets to help you realize your most important goals. Knowledge, and how we use it, is the cornerstone of all of our client relationships.

A law firm is more than its head count, the number of its offices or its specific practice mix. Indeed, beyond the “what” and the “how” is the “why” — the core values that explain why this particular group of dedicated professionals has come together to provide clients with the benefit of their collective experience and expertise. 

For Troutman Sanders, the “why” that binds us together as a firm matters to the kind of clients we excel at representing — clients who demand not only the highest caliber of legal work, but an equally satisfying relationship with their outside counsel.

For us, practicing law is about commitment, and our “higher commitment to client care” is one of the most important values that differentiates us from other law firms. In recognition of our strong client service culture, our firm has been on the BTI Client Service A-Team for 13 consecutive years.