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Seven Benefits of Using GPS Equipment Tracking

The transportation industry continues to grow ever more competitive, while concurrently facing mounting supply chain disruptions, congestion, parts and supply shortages, as well as ongoing labor shortages.

While some of these challenges are beyond the control of fleet managers, others can be overcome through embracing and investing in transportation technology such as GPS asset-tracking devices. Here are the top seven benefits of using GPS equipment tracking for transportation businesses:

1. Real-Time Visibility of Assets and Equipment

The most obvious benefit of using GPS equipment tracking lies in the ability to see the specific location of each asset. Whether you’re looking for exact locations of trailers, cargo containers, or railcars, GPS tracking pinpoints each asset so that you know where it is in their journey, or if it’s sitting idle. 

Knowing exactly where each asset is at any given time, allows you to make adjustments such as rerouting to avoid congestion, adding a stop to load additional cargo, scheduling preventive maintenance, and keeping customers informed of estimated arrival times.

2. Insights for Fleet Managers

GPS equipment tracking allows fleet managers to create custom reports, which can provide greater insight into areas for cost savings. GPS tracking devices such as BlackBerry Radar® even provide multiple readings from a single device.

In addition to providing fleet managers with accurate mileage, dozens of custom reports can be generated with a couple of clicks on a keyboard or phone. Reports can include mileage trends, cargo utilization, fleet utilization, dwell and detention times, and much more. This allows managers to identify areas of strength and illuminate weaknesses that need to be fortified.

3. Improve Fuel Usage

With fuel prices soaring to record highs, maximizing fuel usage is a priority for all fleet managers. GPS tracking devices can provide satellite images of each asset so that you can route drivers around congestion that would otherwise have them sitting idle, wasting fuel and time. 

4. Reduce Operational Costs

Real-time visibility and improved insights help to significantly reduce operational costs. Implementing automation through tracking software often means that you don’t have to hire another back-office employee. You can ensure you’re billing accurately for dwell and detention, maximize fuel usage, and reduce wasted operator time, thus improving operator satisfaction and reducing turnover.   Additionally, utilizing GPS equipment tracking may include the additional advantage of earning you an insurance discount, further reducing your operating costs. 

5. Improved Safety

GPS tracking allows for pre-scheduling of all maintenance, including selecting the service center most convenient to a particular route. This reduces the likelihood of breakdowns and reduces wasted time, while ensuring that equipment is well-maintained and safe.  Moreover, custom reports can alert you to drivers or operators who are compromising safety by exceeding speed limits or logging too many miles per day. 

6. Rapid Response to Theft

GPS tracking devices that are equipped to send open/close alerts can notify you instantly of attempted theft. Authorities can be notified immediately to recover your railcar, trailer, and even cargo.  

7. Greater Customer Satisfaction

Real-time departures and tracking of each shipment’s journey allows you to manage expectations and provide timely notification to your customers of early arrivals, or unexpected delays. Improved communication with customers based on knowing the precise location of each shipment or asset offers the additional benefits of building trust and strengthening relationships.   

Bringing the Benefits of GPS Equipment Tracking Home to Your Fleet

Remember these seven benefits when you’re considering upgrading or expanding your fleet’s GPS-tracking capabilities, and when you’re searching for a qualified provider to help you take advantage of the latest advances.

When the time is right to make your move, we hope you’ll consider BlackBerry Radar, which can collect up to 100 times more data than basic GPS equipment tracking devices. BlackBerry® asset-tracking devices for railcars, cargo containers, chassis, equipment, and trailers can easily integrate with other transportation management systems. 

Additional Resources

To learn more and schedule a free two-week trial of up to five BlackBerry Radar devices, contact BlackBerry Radar at 844-239-4572. 

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