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Automating Security and Productivity for IT Administrators

Information technology (IT) operations are becoming increasingly complex. As more endpoints are added to an organization’s environment, there are new administrative layers that can hinder productivity and create security risks. To ensure both productivity and security, organizations are relying on seasoned vendors to deliver new innovations, and to partner for seamless interoperability.

BlackBerry Partners with ServiceNow to Automate IT Operations

BlackBerry and ServiceNow are meeting this mandate through a new integration of BlackBerry Unified Endpoint Manager and ServiceNow Flow Designer. Available now in the ServiceNow Store, the certified integration automates a variety of the most frequently leveraged device management tasks. IT teams will be able to customize the UEM actions they would like to automate for a solution tailored to their organization.

Instead of processing these requests manually in UEM, a one-time implementation of a collection of actions in ServiceNow (referred to as "spokes") communicates directly with the BlackBerry UEM API. These spokes are used in tandem with ServiceNow Flow Designer to compose workflows and automate BlackBerry UEM processes from a single location, and can be initiated by an end-user raising a self-service ticket.

Supported use cases include:

  • Assign activation profile/generate activation password: Activation profiles specify how many and what types of devices a BlackBerry UEM user can activate, and the type of activation to use for each device type. Through this action, IT administrations will be able to automatically generate and send an activation password to a user, and optionally send activation instructions via email, when the event is triggered by a user-facing ServiceNow form.
  • Add user to user group: Add a user (identified by an email address that exists in BlackBerry UEM and ServiceNow via Active Directory) to a group in BlackBerry UEM (identified by a group name in BlackBerry UEM).
  • Assign IT profile/policy to a user: Assign a policy to a user.
  • Assign an application to a user: Assign an application (identified by a package ID) to a user.
  • Manage administrator roles for a user: Assign (add or replace) the given user’s administrator role with a specific administrator role.
  • Retrieve user devices: Return a list of activated devices a user has assigned.
  • Delete user: Remove a user from UEM during an automated offboarding process.
  • Send commands to user device: Send different commands to user devices. Various device commands are represented by individual spoke actions. There is a broad list of device commands available. The most prevalent examples include:
    • Delete device data
    • Delete workspace data
    • Enable workspace/disable workspace
    • Enable lost mode/disable lost mode
    • Lock device/unlock device
    • Lock workspace
    • Reset workspace password

BlackBerry and ServiceNow are trusted around the world and across industries. This new integration will enable customers to reimagine digital workplace productivity while continuing to enjoy the highest security posture.

Getting Started with BlackBerry UEM

To experience BlackBerry’s comprehensive portfolio of IT and IoT solutions, including the new solution from BlackBerry and ServiceNow, register for BlackBerry Summit, the technology event of the year, being hosted in New York on Oct. 17, 2023.

As well, attend the Live on ServiceNow® Welcome Webinar on Oct. 24, which will help you deploy, adopt, and achieve value fast from the ServiceNow Flow Designer and BlackBerry UEM integration.

BlackBerry pioneered the UEM industry. Today the company’s solution holds the most security certifications in the industry, and is the only UEM to be named 2023 Customers Choice by Gartner® Peer Insights. For more information on BlackBerry UEM visit

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