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Simple, Seamless, Secure: File Sharing & Syncing with BlackBerry Workspaces

How are your employees sharing files externally? 

Do you know what happens to your files once they leave your organization?

Who else can download, forward or edit YOUR corporate data?

It’s easy to fall into the perils of the unknown when it comes to managing your data. 

If any of these cybersecurity and privacy concerns resonate with you, then allow me to reintroduce you to BlackBerry® Workspaces, a leader in Enterprise File Synchronization and Sharing (EFSS).  

What Is BlackBerry Workspaces?

BlackBerry Workspaces is our EFSS solution offering secure file sharing through AES 256-bit encryption that wraps around your files and enables wide-ranging document controls, with apps for Windows®, macOS®, Android™, iOS® and HTML5 browsers.  

Internal and external users can edit Microsoft® Office documents within the secure BlackBerry Workspaces container on any device and online in Office 365® with full DRM (digital rights management) enforcement. Even if a person receiving a file doesn’t have permission to edit or download the original file, they can add comments, highlights or draw on the file. In many cases, this is a more practical and productive way of working on mobile devices and tablets.  

Why Organizations Use BlackBerry Workspaces as Their EFSS Solution

BlackBerry Workspaces facilitates seamless collaboration, intuitive file syncing, and sharing, providing security, privacy, and productivity while giving an enjoyable end-user experience for employees.  

Here are some of the reasons organizations tell us they choose to use BlackBerry Workspaces:  

  • Digital Rights Management (DRM): This capability includes control over printing, editing, copying, forwarding, downloading and access — even after the file leaves the system.
  • Content Security: BlackBerry Workspaces includes DLP integration, and meets FERPA, FINRA, ITAR and other compliance standards for highly regulated industries. It also includes watermarking and HSM (hardware security module) integration.
  • User Identity Protection: BlackBerry Workspaces supports AD (active directory) integration, SSO via SAML, OAuth and two-factor authentication. It also documents password history and browser timeout for post-authentication security.
  • Flexible deployment: There are multiple options based on your organization’s needs.
  • Enterprise collaboration: BlackBerry Workspaces allows your end-users to securely work, edit, and annotate from anywhere and on any device. This includes file commenting and large file sizes.
  • Enterprise Integration: The application is highly flexible - it connects with existing infrastructure, and with connectors, it secures inbound files from popular consumer and Enterprise File shares.

What Are Some Use Cases Powered by BlackBerry Workspaces?

BlackBerry Workspaces offers versatile solutions for all teams — across various industries. Here are a few examples of its wide-ranging use cases.

Securing Legal Communications

If you are a law firm, you have documents and files going out to your own internal teams (potentially, around the globe) and to external stakeholders or counsel. With integration into iManage, BlackBerry Workspaces allows your team to securely share files anywhere —and anytime — using advanced digital rights management. This includes the ability to share documents to external counsel from native file repositories. The sender can use BlackBerry Workspaces to easily manage permissions including who can read, edit, download, or even print the document being shared. Once negotiations or a trial is completed and the engagement with the third parties is finished, BlackBerry Workspaces allows your organization to revoke access to previously shared content.

Protecting Confidential Corporate Information

Imagine your organization is planning to merge with or acquire another company. The two sides are doing due diligence. Your team is sharing documents including potential trade secrets, confidential market research and highly guarded financial results. You send these files through BlackBerry Workspaces, easily setting permissions on what the receiver can do with the files: you prevent them from making changes and block them from printing the documents. You are in control.

Partway through this process, your organization uncovers too many red flags in the company you were planning to merge with. What happens to the proprietary information you previously shared with the other organization? Through BlackBerry Workspaces, you can easily and quickly revoke access to all previously accessible files, protecting sensitive intellectual property from external threats and helping preserve your competitive advantage.

What’s New in Our Latest Release of BlackBerry Workspaces?

In our latest release of BlackBerry Workspaces, version 12.0, we are pleased to announce Red Hat Enterprise Linux Support.  

BlackBerry Workspaces v12 now requires Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 to help you receive the latest security updates. Other OS versions are currently not supported.  

With BlackBerry Workspaces you can finally solve the perils of the unknown and your organization can confidently manage and control data.

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