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Better Together: Google Chrome Enterprise Management and BlackBerry UEM

“This is my kid’s device; how can I use this in the enterprise?” The Chromebook™ -related question often comes up in conversations, admitted Sajed Sahni, Google Chrome’s head of partner sales engineering and services.

Sahni raised the point during his presentation on Chrome Enterprise at the ninth annual BlackBerry Security Summit (BBSS) in September 2022. However, devices running Chrome OS™  are no longer relegated to only the classroom. As Sajed told the BBSS audience in New York City, “Chrome has done a lot of growing up over the past 13 years.” Watch the full presentation below:

Google Chrome Head of Partner Sales Engineering and Services Sajed Sahni's presentation with Steve Clarey at BBSS 2022.
Conditions are conspiring to improve Chrome’s traction in the corporate world. With an accelerated transition to cloud computing and remote work, an average of one new malware variant emerging per minute, and more sophisticated phishing expeditions, organizations need reassurance that their employees can work securely from anywhere, and not be limited by their device or operating system. In support, BlackBerry and Google are working together to provide Chrome Enterprise endpoint management secured with the BlackBerry® Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution.

Google and BlackBerry: Better Together

BlackBerry and Google have collaborated on a broad range of solutions, many used by consumers and some of the world’s most security-conscious organizations. This includes Android™ endpoint management, cybersecurity, remote connectivity, critical event management, and Android Auto™.

BlackBerry UEM is designed to serve as a security nexus for the enterprise. It converges device, application, and content management for smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and wearables into one administrative console, providing a single point of security control for endpoints, apps, and services.

With this latest collaboration, BlackBerry UEM is one of the first platforms to integrate Google’s Chrome Enterprise Connectors Framework and associated Chrome Management APIs to enable trusted BlackBerry® endpoint management and security for Chrome-based devices.

Through BlackBerry’s rich UEM feature set and a single integrated dashboard view, IT managers can now activate an extensive list of security policies including remote wipe, password enforcement, user group and allow list configurations, auto-updates, and connection settings for Chrome OS-powered devices and the Chrome™ browser.  

This greater level of control over device and policy management enables organizations to empower users to work on the device platform of their choice, without compromising enterprise security. This customer-focused approach to security is one of the many reasons why  BlackBerry is recognized as a Customers’ Choice vendor for 2023 in the UEM Tool category on Gartner® Peer Insights™. BlackBerry UEM is also recognized by Google as Chrome Enterprise Recommended (CER), a certification program that helps enterprises select validated partner solutions and integrations that support their workforce, regardless of where they work or which devices they use.

Google’s Managing Director of Chrome Enterprise Scott Porter says they are seeing explosive growth in the adoption of ChromeOS in the enterprise, and integrating with BlackBerry can help accelerate that trend. “We’re excited to partner with BlackBerry to enable Chrome Enterprise integrated with BlackBerry UEM. With Chrome Enterprise, customers can deploy a cloud-ready platform with enhanced security that seamlessly integrates into their existing BlackBerry UEM environments to improve end-user productivity.”

For a more in-depth discussion of this topic, watch the webinar, “Better Together: BlackBerry UEM and Chrome Enterprise.”
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