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CES 2024 ‘Can’t-Miss’ List: BlackBerry Innovation Showcase

AUTOMOTIVE / 01.05.24 / Bruce Sussman
The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) calls itself “the most powerful tech event in the world.” It has certainly become a global showcase for breakthrough technologies and innovations. That includes BlackBerry® QNX® and BlackBerry Ivy®, two IoT technologies that are revolutionizing the way software engineers build and program smart devices, as well as the way drivers drive, factories automate, doctors operate, and much more.

Sneak Peek: BlackBerry at CES 2024

We are counting down the hours to the kickoff of CES® 2024 in Las Vegas on Jan. 9. Ahead of that, here is a sneak peek into a few of the live demos scheduled to take place at the BlackBerry booth:

Introducing QNX® Software Development Platform (SDP) 8.0

QNX SDP 8.0 is the operating system at the heart of it all. Instead of choosing between performance, responsiveness, and safety, SDP 8.0 embraces the concept of no compromise, letting you have all three critical attributes in the same platform.

BlackBerry QNX for Software-Defined Audio

Explore the end-to-end software solution for automotive audio, spanning from next-generation automotive SoCs and DSPs to virtualization and the cloud. Learn how industry-leading tools can be used to dynamically design, test, and deploy a complete audio and acoustics experience in the car — from a virtual workbench to deployment on production hardware under full software control.

BlackBerry IVY®

See integrated demonstrations of BlackBerry’s trusted software stack running on auto-grade hardware, including a demonstration vehicle showcasing our partnership with Bosch and integrations with BlackBerry QNX OS, QNX Hypervisor, and BlackBerry IVY, the car-to-cloud data platform developed in partnership with AWS.

Take a deeper look at how developers can take full advantage of the power of the cloud and simplify the development of OEM-approved third-party apps. BlackBerry IVY helps reduce app development time, allowing developers to design and deploy in-vehicle software in just days instead of months.

QNX and Google Collaboration

Experience the QNX Virtual Cockpit, based on technology collaboration between QNX and Google. Witness how it consolidates various in-vehicle systems into a unified cockpit domain, utilizing QNX Hypervisor for running multiple mixed-criticality systems on a single system-on-chip design.

Honoring the Innovators Behind Software Defined Vehicles

BlackBerry QNX is also partnering with MotorTrend to present the second annual Software Defined Innovator Awards to honor the pioneers who are designing the future of automotive, and to shine a light on the incredible career opportunities this revolution is creating in the auto industry and at BlackBerry.

Award winners chosen by MotorTrend will be announced at a private gala during CES 2024, and online via MotorTrend’s web and social media platforms. To get a glimpse of our amazing inaugural gala and award winners, check out the photo gallery from last year. And watch the award-winning documentary, Coding the Car, from MotorTrend Studios filmmakers at Warner Bros. Discovery Inc.

The Future is Software-Defined

BlackBerry QNX is leading the way toward the next generation of cars and other connected devices — BlackBerry’s IoT software already provides safety, security, and scalability for more than 235 million cars on the road today, and much more. Join us at CES 2024 to test drive BlackBerry’s trusted foundation for the intelligent edge.

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